Tips on how to ride a Self Balancing Hover Board

So, you just bought your very first self-balance board (Segway style unit without the handlebars.)  That was the easy part!

Now you need to figure out how to ride this crazy 2 wheeled electric rolling machine!   The truth is, most people are scared to get of hover boards because they look so intimidating, especially those who don’t have good balance. But the gyroscopes in these units, when turned on, do a great job on helping you keep your balance. What’s a gyroscope? They are spinning wheels or discs that have an axis that can assume any position. It will automatically adjust to the center of gravity of the person riding the hover board.

Getting on and off has proven to be just as difficult as riding the units. Some people get the hang of them in minutes, and others it can take days.

Below are some tips that will help you learn to ride Self Balance Boards:

  • Don’t get on when your board is off: Never stand on the board if it is off. This is a simple mistake people make because they forget that after some time, the unit will automatically shut off. When it shuts off, the gyroscopes will not help you balance, and you will most likely fall right off!
  • Getting On and Off: Believe it or not, getting on or off is one of the most common time people end of damaging their balance hover board or injure themselves. Here are a few tips on how to get on and off of the Board: Be sure that the board is on. Be sure that its completely level. Test it out: Place one foot on it and simply test it out to get a feel lead forward and backward with your one foot and watch it move. This will help you get used to the sensitivity of the unit.  Try it with your friends support! Once you have an idea of the sensitivity of the board, it’s time to put both feet on. It’s helpful to have two friends on each side of you the first time. Have them hold you under each arm, to assure you will be supported if the board goes out from under you and you fall. Place your one foot on, be sure its level, then quickly put your other foot on and just keep it level and don’t move. Just get used to standing on the board.
  • Learn how to turn and go forward. It’s easier to learn how to turn left or right first, because you only have to lean down with one foot. Do this slowly and even do full circles. Once you get the hang of this, you can do the other directions. To go forwards, you lean on both feet at the same time. Practice, Practice, Practice and you will become an expert soon enough! When you get comfortable, to more you will start to lean instead of only pushing down with your foot. This will come in time. You have to trust that the centrifugal force will hold you on the board.
  • There are many other things you can do on the board. Going backwards, spinning in circles in place or while moving, kneeling down, etc. Stay tuned for some cool videos.  Check out this cool video:


The most important thing to learn is to be safe, don’t get over confident, and take it in baby steps. Also be sure to follow the laws in your state. Stay away from cars and roads, you don’t want to accidentally lose control and get hit by a car.

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2 Wheel Self Balancing Electric Hover Boards NEW HOT PRODUCT For Sale has some new hot products to announce!  Ever hear of the Self Balancing Electric Scooters?  AKA:  hover board, balance board, two wheel self balancing electric scooter, etc, etc.

Prior to the 2 wheel electric balancing scooters, most people were more familiar with the Segways, which have a handlebars and throttle.  These are much more expensive and much bigger.  The new hoverboards are smaller, lighter, and lots of fun!

Lets get technical....  These boards use aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithms and gyroscope systems to achieve a self balancing movement for going forward, backward and turning!  The best way to learn is to get on one and try, but be sure you have a friend to hold onto or you might fall flat on your face!  Moving forward is very easy, just lean forward slighty and backward for reverse, let the gravity hold you on. 

This is currently one of our hot products and EVERYONE wants one.  We offer a range of models and prices, anywhere from $375 to $599. (Sometimes you can find them real cheap!  Special Deals) Some may be identical, non branded models with 1 month warranties, and one of our hoverboards, MonoRover, offers better quality and parts, and also a 1 year warranty!  Although not listed on their website yet, we are an approved brick and mortar dealer for MonoRover.  Be careful of other companies using the Monorover name, and advertising the product less than $599, they are not Monorovers, and most likely a lower quality fake version.

We will be adding more variation of models soon. 

Which model should you buy?  It all depends on your budget and the quality you are looking to get.  The non branded models function fine, but have non branded batteries that might not last as long, and have some internal parts that might not be as durable and more problematic.  Some of them non branded two wheel balance boards have some cool lighting features!  If you are looking for a nice quality electric self balancing hoverboard, check out the MonoRover Hoverboards, with its 1 year warranty you can't go wrong!


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February 21, 2015

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