SUPER SALE!!!!!! Self Balancing Electric Scooter - MonoRover R2 - 1 Year Warranty - FREE SHIPPING in the US

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SUPER SALE ------ $499.00 Free Shipping in the US! is proud to present our newest product!


(We are authorized to sell Monorover units)

Buy this model and get a 1 YEAR WARRANTY and a US Dealer! Many non branded models only offer a 1 month warranty and no US contacts!

 (Lower Budget Model $399 Link Click Here)


BUY IN BULK (10+ and get a discount!)


The MonoRover R2 is a great choice if you are looking for a fair prices, electric personal transportation device, also called:  self balancing scooter, hover boards, etc.  Its like a Segway without the bulk.  The R2 is guaranteed to be an experience unlike any other. Incredibly easy to ride, the R2 can be relaxing, or thrilling, depending on your riding style.

The R2 thrives on smooth surfaces. Concrete, carpet, asphalt, the R2 makes easy roving out of all of them. It’s not recommended that you ride the R2 on grass, but dry dirt should be okay.

* Incredibly Active Sensors – It’s almost like it reads your mind!

* 2 Blue LEDs… Illuminate your world… Ridable with the LEDs in the front or the back – it makes no difference!

* Range per Charge: 10-12 mi
* Samsung Lithium Ion Battery: 158Wh
* Weight Limit: 250lbs

[Package Include]
1X R2
1X charger
1X instruction manual


Electric Bikes and Scooters are regulated both with Federal Law and State Laws.  It is your responsibility to follow the laws of your state.

SAFETY ALERT:, a DBA of Proxi Independent Group, LLC,  is HIGHLY recommending all persons wear protective gear, and avoid obstacles and slippery surfaces, such as loose gravel road and water surface, and only ride where legally permitted. Children must be supervised by adults when riding the smart balance board wheel.  By purchasing from us, you are agreeing that we are not liable for any injuries that may result from use of our boards.

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